Interview in Berlin with Spanish Painter Alberto Ramirez (Not Just for Fashion)

During my visit in Berlin (See the full reportage), I had the pleasure to re-encounter with friends based in Berlin for some time now.


Tell us about yourself
I’m 6′ 3″ and pretty slim… the rest is circumstantial.

How did you come to be an artist
It wasn’t really a decision I made one day. More something that have been cooking up in my head for some time. When I was younger I already painted and drew. Drawing has always been a form of expression like a hobby. When I finished studying I started working in the commercial industry. I realized almost instantly that it was not for me. I went to Mallorca, in the Balears Islands. I didn’t have a job back then, so I put all my time into painting, and never stopped from then.

What kind of painting do you do?
Nowadays I mainly paint large format portraits. I’m fascinated by the way a face can silently communicate.




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